ATTENTION!! Prices shown below are subject to change without notice. Please call the shop to get current pricing.
Engine Swaps

Besides power adders, an engine swap is the best way to add power and eye candy under the hood. We can guide and advise on the right power plant, and then make it happen for you. From carb’d strokers to Coyote swaps, the sky is the limit.

Dyno Sessions

Are you curious about how much power your car really makes at the rear wheels? For $199.98, we will run your car on our new Mustang MD1100 Dyno. This includes two pulls with AFR readings.

Gear Changes

We can change the gears in your car. Our Gear special is $599.98, and that includes Ford Motorsport Gears with synthetic fluids. You can even supply the parts yourself and the price is $399.98.

Suspension Upgrades

Road racer? Drag racer? Street? We can install springs, shocks, sway bars, watts links,control arms, and other suspension parts.

Power Adders

We install superchargers, turbo chargers, nitrous systems and stroker motors. We’re also an authorized ProCharger dealer/installer.

Other Mods

We can install headers, CAIs, intakes, cams, or any other mods you might want to perform.

Custom Tuning

Custom tuning services start at $500, and includes dyno time.

Hourly Rates

We charge $95 per hour (or any part thereof).